For Growers

Get real-time data. Maximize your crop. Get paid swiftly.

For Growers

Growers can feel underappreciated, underutilized and overwhelmed. Farming can be a hard place to be.

If you are tired of:

Wasted crop
Limited distribution channels
Limited or no marketing
Getting burned by bad agencies
No transparency
No software for real-time data and accountability
Sales that don't meet your expectations
Then, grow with us! We are produce experts that provide the best return to growers while offering high quality fruits and vegetables with friendly customer service to all stakeholders.

Are you a great fit?

We partner with small to midsize growers that want to expand, but need marketing and sales support; Growers that want a transparent sales partnership with quick payment; Growers in need of simple, robust agricultural sales software for internal or external sales; and Growers looking for crop planning and supply agreements.

We get your produce into the right hands, every time. We provide consolidation and logistics services to all major markets in North America and connect you with wholesalers who will appreciate the quality of your products. Best of all, we are produce people people.

Our Quality Guarantee:

We pay attention to your unique needs.

We find the right home for your produce.

We strategize ways to get you every dollar out of every acre.

Fast payment regardless of customer’s pay cycle
Innovative, turnkey ERP tracking software
Full transparency
Branding that tells a story
Increased margins and sales
OHN’s track record of success
National and international shipping
High quality coast to coast customer base
Competitive rates
Marketing support
Financing solutions
Friendly and relatable service

Grow into a streamlined, more efficient farm with Organic Harvest Network.

For Growers

Success Stories:

Since 1988, we’ve brought farms into new markets and produce into new stores. We find your produce a good home. Our extensive knowledge of the industry allows you to keep growing your business while you grow your produce.

Wildenburg Greenhouses grew their sales 15x from $400K to $6M in eight years growing with us. We work to hit numbers like that for all our partners.

Our current growers:


You grow; we track.

Growers Portal

Get real-time data. Maximize your crop. Get paid swiftly.

Our ERP innovative and robust software offers sales integration and transparency that tells you where your produce is going, and how much customers are paying for it–wherever you are, anytime.

Learn more about Organic Harvest Network’s unique ERP portal for growers here

Data-driven growth, transparent relationships. Grow with OHN.

Harvest every dollar out of every acre.