For Buyers

We want to reach buyers that care about what we care about - people that want to know where their food comes from, who grew it, and are mission-aligned with us.

For Buyers

We offer you:

High quality offerings
Sustainable packaging options
Flexible logistics
Program planning
Excellent customer service executed with urgency

Are you…

An organic wholesaler of high-quality produce who wants to support growers directly?
A regional customer who wants to support local growers?
A processing customer looking for organic supply?
If so, grow with us! As wholesale produce distributors, we pride ourselves on harvesting the best to give you the best.
We understand the frustration of working with distributors who are slow to respond, send you poor quality produce, and are preoccupied with other customers. The big guys can leave you with poor customer service, brand homogenization, and limited variety.
You are not just another number with Organic Harvest Network. The needs of your business are top of mind for all of us, especially our growers. We connect you with growers who are native to the organic world and focused on quality and relationships.

Working with us, you will get:

High quality produce
Increased variety
Retail Insight
Faith you are working with a reputable agency
White glove service
Lower your stress in dealing with farms and take pride in working with our small to medium-sized growers.

Our Buyers

Who loves our produce?

For Buyers

Meet Our Growers

We only partner with small and medium-sized farms that meet our quality standards.

How We Do Business:

What to Expect

You’ve probably dealt with unpredictability of quality and lack of attention working with large distributors.
Now you don’t have to deal with big distributors who are slow to respond, give you poor quality produce, and have a preoccupation with high revenue customers.
Let’s make things really straightforward:
At Organic Harvest Network, your orders will be taken by a real, live sales representative who will discuss your needs.
We have the logistical capability and third-party relationships to get our produce virtually anywhere in the world, fast and fresh.
Want more of what you sell the most of? Want something specific on a contract basis? Get a personalized season fitting your exact needs. We provide an extensive array of items spanning several categories and growing regions. Work with people who are both innovative and fun!

Small farm passion. International expertise. 35+ years of experience.

Join our team of buyers.