All American Produce

Who is All American Produce?

Regenerative and holistic multi-generational produce growers in eastern North Carolina.

AAP is a one-stop shop grower offering a wide array of products and skews.
Billy Augustine and Phillip Strickland began AAP in 2020 and with 68 years of experience between the two founders, their processes are best in class. They are problem-solvers, go-getters, and well-oiled machines who know how to grow and sell organics.
AAP knows…
  • How hard it can be for buyers to be both efficient and keep freight costs down.
  • How tough it is having to deal with five, 10, or 15 different farms to source and procure products.
  • How time consuming it can be to have to worry about production delays and bottlenecks.
Billy and Phillip stand behind their products and ensure that everything shipped out is of the highest quality. Their efficacy means that costs are low, delays are minimal, and variety is plentiful. They are young, ambitious, and willing to grow new things, learn new things, and make new partnerships.
Working with AAP means…
  • Increased efficiency
  • Complete transparency
  • Opportunity to buy new items
  • Supporting the next generation of farmers
According to their website, AAP “tends over 3,000 acres of organic and conventional cropland, and 18 acres of high tunnels and greenhouses.” All American Produce Company not only believes in the American dream, they live it. And, we are honored to be a part of their story.