About Organic Harvest Network

Who We Are

We connect high-quality farms with discerning buyers.

We take produce seriously (but, we don’t take ourselves seriously!). Since 1988, we have been intermediaries between high-quality small to medium-sized farms and discerning wholesale buyers. We work for growers that are stewards of the environment and support good labor practices.

We guaranteed organic standards from the beginning.

Organic Harvest Network was established in 1988 by Giuseppe Salvato with the idea to match organic family farmers with buyers of organic produce. And, while we aren’t against conventional produce, we’ve been organic specialist since day one.

We make your life simple.

We undertake crop planning, sales, marketing, logistics and accounting for the growers we represent, and in some cases, exclusively represent their produce brands. And we have designed and built proprietary ERP software to allow you to track order flow, pricing, customers, and other significant information in real time from anywhere in the world.

We help our buyers sell–consistently.

Buying from OHN is buying directly from growers, but better. By becoming an integral part of crop planning with our growers, Organic Harvest Network allows our buyers to plan their future marketing strategies. During the course of the season, we communicate any changes that may occur due to weather and other agricultural challenges. We make product recommendations and fill custom orders, leveraging 35 years of experience.

We are transparent, accountable, and intuitive for our partners.

Quality products, timely information and excellent service are the pillars upon which we build our relationships and our business. We are not driven entirely by profits. We are driven by good labor practices, a passion for tasty produce, and relationships with the people behind it all.

We specialize in the following commodities:

Peas & Beans
Winter Squash
Leafy Greens
Summer Squash

We are discerning about our farms. We only partner with farms who consistently turn out excellent quality produce.

Our Team

Brendan Kline

General Manager

As General Manager, Brendan oversees the operations of Organic Harvest Network (OHN). He works with high-quality farms, discerning wholesale buyers, and the OHN team to ensure all-around success. Brendan builds strong relationships with clients and establishes a deep understanding of their needs, goals, and expectations. He delivers sales presentations and negotiates contracts with national retailers, chains, and independent wholesalers and actively identifies and implements educational development training for OHN’s farms.

Brendan focuses on future organic growers to join the OHN network and seeks innovations to enhance the OHN sales portal, catering to the evolving needs of both growers and customers. Collaborating closely with his grower base, he engages in strategic planning to meet production needs for upcoming seasons. He manages grower relations and facilitates new product development to maximize profitability.

Brendan leverages his qualifications, skills, and experience to drive the success of Organic Harvest Network. He takes pride in his ability to identify opportunities, manage accounts, present sales solutions, develop teams, foster customer relationships, and make informed decisions.

Brian Everett

Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales at Organic Harvest Network, Brian has a deep understanding and passion for the agricultural industry. He develops and implements effective sales strategies, sets sales targets, and establishes relationships with high-quality growers and discerning wholesale buyers. He keeps his pulse on the industry via market research, monitoring industry trends, and identifying opportunities for expansion.
Brian works with high-quality growers and discerning buyers to achieve revenue and profitability targets in the wholesale farming and produce-selling market. He creates plans to penetrate new markets and expand existing customer relationships while having a clear understanding of the needs and concerns of his clients. He negotiates pricing, contracts, and terms to benefit his clients, ensuring that the agreements align with the goals and profitability of both parties.

Brian is forward-thinking, friendly, and an effective agricultural sales agent for the best of the best in the industry.

We keep our produce safe.

We follow the food safety stipulations of the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act, listed Here

The food products we distribute follow all relevant legal requirements and industry best practices guidelines in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations and are not misbranded or adulterated as required by the Food and Drug Cosmetic Act, Title 21 Section 301 of the code of Federal Regulations.
  • Follows all Good Manufacturing Practices (as per GMP’s as stated 21CFR Part110) and/or Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Complies with guidelines of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Complies with Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) guidelines.
  • Operates with a tested Product Traceability Program or complies with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)
  • Guarantees all product complies with US Pesticide Maximum Residue Level (MRL) standards.
  • Guarantees all Food Contact Packaging Materials are FDA Compliant.

Our Growers

They Grow With Us