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Brad and Judy Johnson

Live Oak, California

Certified Since 1975:

Brad looking over his field While growing up in Los Angeles, Judy dreamed of marrying a farmer. In 1970, she spent a summer vacation with some friends in Gridley, California, and met the man of her dreams, Brad Johnson, who was the grandson of a Montana wheat farmer. Few people dare to dream, and then make the dream a reality. Brad, Judy, and their three daughters, Amy, Amber, and Alise, are the essence of a family farm. Growing organically since 1975, Wooley Farms started as Johnson’s backyard produce, a 1-acre Organic garden behind their home. The entire family was involved in the picking and packing of product. Sometimes the girls would wrestle with watermelons half their size.

Wooley Farms is locally famous for their dried French Prune Plums. Neighbors drop by to see how the crop is coming along throughout the season. Brad cultivates a vast biodiversity on the farm, having set up nesting boxes for swallows and bats. Interspersed among the melons, tomatoes, and eggplants are flowers, which - in addition to making the farm beautiful - attract beneficial insects.

The Johnson family hopes you stop by someday to check on how their plum crop is doing.