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Terry Schroeder

Winters, California

Certified Since 1984

Terry Schroeder of Golden Farms and his SatsumasTerry Schroeder of Golden Farms is a 4th generation farmer from Winters, California. He learned to drive a tractor at the age of 10 at his father’s knee. Sixteen years later, he convinced his father to convert to organic farming practices in the 1960s pre-Certification era. At the time they were growing grains, and to this day Terry has a thriving Spray Millet business. Terry planted his first few Satsuma Mandarin trees in 1985, being one of the first in Solano County to introduce this new citrus.

Terry is personally involved in every aspect of the growing, picking, and packing to order of his tree-ripened Satsuma Mandarins. He hopes that this dedication and attention to detail provides his customers with a delicious Satsuma Mandarin every time. Enjoy!