Organic Harvest Network was established in 1988 with the idea to match organic family farmers with buyers of organic produce. Buying from Organic Harvest Network is buying direct from the grower. Organic Harvest Network exclusively represents the individual grower’s brands. We are responsible for the crop planning, sales, marketing, logistics and accounting for the growers we represent. Our proprietary internet software is specifically designed with the ultimate transparency and accountability for the growers. The online accounting system allows each grower to track in real time such information as order flow, pricing and customers for their products. It is this Open Book Policy that sets us apart and solidifies our grower partnerships.

Organic Harvest Network has been marketing organic produce exclusively since its inception in 1988, culminating in many years of experience in retail, wholesale and logistics. We utilize those experiences to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs. We serve our customers with great product from great growers, allowing them to create a point of difference in their stores.