Grower Questions

When do you pay me for my product?

Our aim is to pay you within 21 days after it has shipped.

Who determines sale price of my product?

We set pricing for your product on a daily basis. Drawing on our many years of experience, we get you the best price possible. You can track pricing for your product live on our web site as it happens.

What happens after I pack my product?

Once the product is ready to ship from your farm, we'll take possession of your product. Shipping, invoicing, resolution of claims, collection of funds is all handled by us. You receive a detailed transaction record for each order that leaves your farm.

What else does Organic Harvest Network do for me?

We keep you informed about market trends and customer preferences.

We set up promotions with retailers as well as wholesalers.

We can even assist you with choosing or designing the best container for your product.

What are my responsibilities?

We want you to focus on growing, packing and shipping the best organic produce. In addition to that you need to project harvest times and quantities.